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Becoming a plumber could be a great new choice in career for you and if you didn’t already know this, they are very well paid indeed. Plumbers are always in demand because someone, somewhere always requires a plumber for many different projects around the home or a business premises. They are in short supply too this is why the demand for them and the wages are so high. Once you successfully complete your plumbing course and are fully qualified you’re certain to have a guaranteed job for life, which is great for your peace of mind and job security.

There are many ways to become a plumber here in the UK with many options open to you and are pretty straightforward for example, if you’re retraining to become a plumber there are plenty of training centres all over the UK that will help you train up and become fully qualified they are with you every step of the way.

These training centres are specially developed and have been purpose built to cater for the construction industry training. Full time and part time courses are available, full time courses can be completed in 4 to 8 weeks or you can go at your own pace with the part time courses, which can be completed in months or even years.

You don’t need any qualifications to become a plumber all you need is the determination to succeed, you can begin training whenever you want whether you’re just out of school or want a new and exciting career.

If you’re are just out of school and want to become a plumber then you may want to consider applying for plumbing apprenticeships at your local college.

Training centres will get you up to the standards that are required at City & Guilds standards everything is covered so that you are more than capable at succeeding at your new career as a plumber.

How much do courses cost?

Plumbing courses are quite expensive and do vary anywhere between £4,000 and £6,000. This is a lot of money however you must realise that once you do become a fully qualified plumber these sums really will appear insignificant, when you are earning thousands of pounds a year guaranteed. It really is an investment for your future.

What’s an NVQ?

OK, so when we mention becoming a “fully” qualified plumber this is where an NVQ comes into things. Basically an NVQ is the very last requirement to becoming properly qualified, you gain your NVQ by being assessed by an NVQ advisor who will visit you at your place of work and assess you. If they are happy then you’ll gain your NVQ and will become a “fully” qualified plumber.

Well that’s about it from me regarding plumbing training centres, as you can see they are a great place to gain all your skills and they will help guide you throughout your course to very end of your training, they will help you find work once you finish your course and will advise you on how to gain your NVQ.

Remember plumbers are in short supply, we need you!

So hopefully one day you’ll become a fully qualified plumber but for now let us wish you the very best of luck with your training for this new and exciting career!

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